3 Common Email Subscription Mistakes


Problem #1: There’s no good reason to sign up for your list.

Your email capture system might look good on paper, but you have to ask yourself, “Have I given people a reason why they should join my list?”

You’d be surprised at how often this happens. People prefer to have the reasons spelled out for them so they know exactly what to expect, but lots of people don’t do that when creating their signup forms.

Problem #2: The signup process is boring or problematic.

If someone has to go through three screens just to sign up to an email list, they’re going to get fed up really quickly.

A good signup form should encourage people to sign up. It should reinforce why someone should sign up, and the process should be easy and hassle-free.

Problem #3: You don’t have a lead magnet or your lead magnet isn’t valuable to your audience.

So many bloggers think they can spend 5 minutes on a plain-looking checklist and use it as a lead magnet. The truth is that making a good lead magnet will take some work.

Your lead magnet needs to have a ton of valuable content that’s relevant to your audience. (A nice design doesn’t hurt either.)

Right now, go analyze your email strategy. Does it tick all of these boxes? If not, you should fix that. That’s probably why you’re not getting the amount of signups you want.

If you’ve tried all of this so far and nothing’s working, here are some more ideas to give your email capture system a makeover.

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