Update Your Website for More Customers


You want to be the best in your industry and the best at what you do, but your website does not reflect that. If you want some or anyone to take you and your business you must invest either time or money into your website. Sometimes both.Websites like the one pictured in the post header is an example of what not to do when creating a website for your business. Many times we see a website like the one pictured about and a flood of thoughts come through…. “My god this hurts my eyes!” “Are they serious?” “Are they still in business?” “Do they think this is 2001?” “So I am supposed to trust this website?” “Looks like I will get a virus if I click anywhere on this site! Im out!”.

A new website design can bring your company more business than you think. Once you have a new website, customers begin to view your company in a new light. That wow factor can make your company jump over another. If a client sees your newly renovated website and then they look at another company with a dated website then guess who’s getting the business…… ding ding ding. That’s right… you are the winner of a brand new customer.

Of course, a brand new website is not the only factor. You will also need to invest in your product and your marketing plan. A website will only carry you so far. But, with that being said, at least with a new website you will make it past the customers first round of elimination. If you are interested updating your website then give us a shout!

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